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A stress-free move to Geneva

A very pleasant city famous for its quality of life

Barzilay Services: a stress-free, comfortable start to your new life in Geneva, with the reassurance of expert and attentive professional support.

A wide range of services

From property to finance, via schooling and managing your daily life, we'll be a tower of strength during your move!


Planning to move to Geneva? We're right by your side!

Bazilay Services - Relocation - GenevaSince 2008, Monica Barzilay has been helping new arrivals feel welcome in Geneva. A native of Geneva herself, she'll prove invaluable to you.

After a career in international banking, she set up her company providing services to expatriates and to the businesses that employ them.

She moved country herself a number of times: Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Israel, the United States. In Geneva for the last 25 years, she has been offering her customers her experience and her excellent network of contacts (doctors, vets, schools, plumbers, electricians, language courses, clinics, hospitals, etc).

A French native speaker, Monica Barzilay is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is supported by colleagues who speak Hebrew, German, Russian and Italian.

In addition, Barzilay Services can offer you apartments to rent as a short- to medium-term solution.

Because we know that moving country is not easy

In order to make this difficult transition easier for every member of your family, Barzilay Services can offer you tailor-made advice as well as practical assistance.

Our goal is to make your relocation as easy and pleasant as possible and to assist you with services that are flexible and suited to your needs. They start before your arrival and last some months after your move. You'll never be on your own with us!

Barzilay Services is also

  • A property administration service
  • Valuations of works of art and expert advice
  • Make your departure from Geneva smooth

Barzilay Services offers a lot of benefits, Contact us so that we can suit them to your specific requirements.


Practical information

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