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A stress-free move to Geneva

A very pleasant city famous for its quality of life

Barzilay Services: a stress-free, comfortable start to your new life in Geneva, with the reassurance of expert and attentive professional support.

A wide range of services

From property to finance, via schooling and managing your daily life, we'll be a tower of strength during your move!


Satisfaction guaranteed, that's our priority

Individual or family relocation : a whole range of benefits

Here are a few examples of the areas where Barzilay Services can help you:


Assistance in the choice, rent or purchase of a place to live or to work, as well as for acquiring furniture and other sorts of equipment.

Finance and administration

We'll assist you in banking, legal and administrative formalities, including those relating to your residency permit in Switzerland.


We'll help you find the best schools, courses and universities.

Health and safety

We'll make lists available to you of useful people who speak your language (doctors, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc.)


Relocation via your business

Today's global economy changes extremely fast, and hiring skilled staff and managing their movements have become crucial for businesses.

Switzerland's reputation rests principally on its peacefulness, security, stability and attractive financial regime. That's why Geneva is one of the most international cities and hosts not only important businesses but also international organisations.

Relocating a business' employees is a challenge. It means expatriates and their families have to get used to a new country. Finding somewhere to live in Geneva, Lausanne or the surrounding area is not a straightforward task and the search requires the help of a third party.

Our broad international experience, our cultural understanding, our knowledge of the languages of our customers and their families enable us to appreciate the difficulties encountered.

Barzilay Services ensures an easy and efficient transition for employees and their families. Indeed we have built our reputation on our ability to respond to every kind of difficulty as much as on our flexibility and capacity to meet the unexpected in offering our customers reliable and innovative relocation solutions.



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