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Barzilay Services: a stress-free, comfortable start to your new life in Geneva, with the reassurance of expert and attentive professional support.

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From property to finance, via schooling and managing your daily life, we'll be a tower of strength during your move!


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Below you'll find a sample of testimonials left by our customers

< I am delighted that you have been able to find a suitable apartment for C.R. so quickly >

V. Maltby

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< Most of all you were able to navigate with a steady hand the awkward and unpredictable Geneva real estate market. >

A. McClay

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< Le contact avec les membres de l'agence a été très chaleureux et toutes les formalités se sont déroulées facilement. Je ne peux que louer leur professionnalisme et leur disponibilité. >

E. Barras, Université de Genève

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< I wish to thank Monica and all her office employees. We are sure that they will continue to give their excellent service also to other people coming here. We definitely and by all mean recommend you to use her services. She is the best. Point.>

N. Bachar, University of Geneva

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<  J’ai trouvé l’appartement que je cherchais en 10 jours ! >

S. Bouhana

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< Barzilay Services have made my move to Switzerland as smooth as it could be >

V. Todres, Banque J. Safra Sarasin S.A.

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< Monica Barzilay assistance made my moving smooth and appeared so easy.  She was a great contribution to this step on my life making even the normal stress of this situation not even felt by my family.

D. Rocha, International Investment Bank

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< We are delighted with the services provided by Monica and her staff, always very professional and efficient, and that resulted in our obtaining the perfect apartment for us >

M. Pablo Fleiss, International Labour Office

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< In short, her assistance has been invaluable for us to arrive in Geneva in the best way possible, making our transition smooth and effective >

M. Fernando Calado, International Organization for Migration

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< Monica Barzilay was such an enormous help for me. I would highly recommend using her services, especially if moving here for a limited amount of time to work so as to maximize your work >

Ms. Natali Alster, CERN

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"Monica and Kelly helped me to find a beautiful bright and cozy apartment in a nice area in Geneva in about two weeks, and I have only positive experience with them! I've got the first studio I applied for, and I can not even express all my gratitude to Barzilay Services.

When I just moved to Geneva, I heard a lot of stories from people who wre not able to find a place for several months and I was afraid I could become one or these examples and also i had already had my work commitments, so I was not able to spend a lot of time for searching.

However, thanks to Monica and Kelly, my only tasks were to choose what options they suggested would fit my needs and then to visit the apartments. I was not to care about almost everything, as they supported me on every stage of the process,they found a lot of nice options for me, arranged the visits, prepared all the documentation, , came to the visits when I was at work and then sent to me detailed descriptions with pictures, helped me to understand the contract that was written in french, were with me at the inventory and communicated with the régie. Moreover, Monica took me with her car to several apartments, showed me some furniture and other stuff to help me be settled and even suggested contacts for a handyman. They also provided me with a couple of RC insurance offers when we found my new studio.

I had heard that in Geneva agency services could be useless, but when I met other people applying for apartments, I realized that this was not true, at least in my experience with Barzilay Services. This fact speaks for itself: the options that were downscaled in the list that Monica and Kelly made for me, were considered highly successful by people who were searching for an apartment by themselves.

For all these reasons, I would strongly recommend Barzilay Services for each and everyone who want to make their moving to Geneva as comfortable as possible. You are moving to a new place where you may have no friends or relatives, but with Kelly and Monica, you will feel that they care about you and they provide professional services.

PS: they also have a couple of options for short-term stay, so if you want to find a place for your first time here, you could get everything that you need. That's how I met Barzilay Services initially." >

Kseniya Kirichenko, Lawyer

"I spent almost 9 months in the beautiful apartment at Avenue Miremont. The apartment is well-appointed, airy, has access to balconies from each room, with lovely views. It feels like a real home, not a typical corporate furnished apartment.

Monica is very easy to deal with, she helped me with acclimating to Geneva, gave a lot of information regarding activities, and even invited me to her family events.

Monica has always been very responsive when I had issues or questions regarding the apartment. My stay at the apartment was very pleasant.">

Mrs. Olga Sanders

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